Amy Adams for IoDonna magazine, August 2014 

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a l w a y s

[for my wonderful Erica]


Purple is a color associated to sensitive and compassionate people, who think of others before themselves. People with personalities connected to color purple have a peaceful and tranquil quality and a quiet dignity about them. People are drawn to their charismatic and alluring energy. They are idealistic, and often impractical, with a great imagination, dreaming of a future in an ideal fantasy world where you exclude the ugly side of reality. They can be selfish and self-indulgent as they don’t like being imposed upon by others beliefs and regulations. (x)

Sansa Stark ± purple (requested by anonymous.)

avengers a to z (a-d e-h i-l m-p q-t u-w x-z)

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So, i decided to share few icons I made with you. i used to post my icons at my LJ, but since I’m rarely there anymore I decided to post my new icons here




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Words of wisdom by Joey Tribbiani

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Make Me Choose:

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Thea Queen / Roy Harper

Anthony Mackie, photographed by Miko Lim.

"mom, i know a little something about sacrificing the people closest to me for the good of this city. it’s what you need to do now."
"i know."