When guys are like “I like girls without makeup” and expect girls to all of a sudden just stop wearing makeup but like have they considered GIRLS ACTUALLY LOVE DOING MAKEUP seriously dude don’t deprive me of black eyeliner don’t even try

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"Regina George is flawless."


Doctor Who and Rose Tyler by Pikila

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            Roy Harper vs Nyssa al Ghul
            Heir to the Demon[Deleted Scene]

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I seem to have fallen through time.

Deportivo vs Real Madrid (September 20, 2014) | Ronaldo 29’

My mother - if she knew what I’ve done, who I am… She raised me to be better, to be good, and all I do is hurt people.
 i ’ m    a    m o n s t e r .

 “Yes,” he said. “They just do it in better clothes.”  (Seige & Storm, Leigh Bardugo)


Lucy Liu photographyed by Markus&Koala for Schön! magazine (Issue 26)

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There are things you can’t fight - acts of God. You see a hurricane coming, you get out of the way. But when you’re in a Jaeger, you can finally fight the hurricane. You can win.

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